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Your Body is a Miraculous Machine …

Sunny Mexican Christmas

Happy 2016 Everyone!

A new year but no real resolutions for me. I’m sticking to my training plan as I prepare for the World Sprints in Australia. They are coming up super quick which means that every workout, every meal, every sleep, everything counts.

If you’ve been following my instagram or facebook page, you know that I’ve been ensuring that I’m having balance in my life.  From the vacation in Mexico with Rick to spending time with my fav Christmas present from Mom and Dad, my colouring book. So many people ask me how I manage to do everything that I do: work full time, train 1-3x/day, manage my Type 1 Diabetes, Coach and serve on volunteer boards and still have time to see my husband once in a while 🙂

When I was last training full time, I was working only working intermittent part time. I doubt that I’d have the energy to do both if I hadn’t met Dr. Susan Kleiner in 2014. I have learned so much about how my body uses different foods, how to better manage my Diabetes, how to NOT be starving constantly, but best of all, I’ve learned that I can’t train without proper fuel for my body and what fuel works best for my engine.

Take a look at Dr. Sue’s latest videos for a glimpse into some of the principles that I’ve been incorporating into my training for the past year.

Dr. Sue and the rest of the amazing team at Vynna are revolutionizing how  women fuel their training. They are busting myths about carbohydrates, weight loss/gain, training and want to put the message out there to all female athletes that …

The VynnaTM brand is built for YOU by women like you.” – vynna.com